about us

         H.A.D. Ministries began in 1985 under the  direction of Bernie & Carrie Ahrendt. Bernie was an alcoholic. He was  in the Navy for 24 years where he began his drinking career. Carrie  started attending church in 1975 where she accepted the Lord into her  life. The Lord was the only way that Carrie could deal with what was  going on in their lives and marriage. By the time Bernie retired, he  was addicted to alcohol and could not stop drinking. When Bernie’s drinking became too intense for him to handle, he agreed to attend  counseling sessions with Carrie’s pastor. It was during that counseling  session that Bernie realized his need of a High Power so great and so  powerful that Bernie’s drinking could be stopped. That day in May 1980 Bernie’s drinking career came to an end when he asked Jesus Christ into his life and was instantly delivered from the desire to drink alcohol.
         A year later they felt the need to begin a Christian oriented support group that would help people who attend church to overcome  their drinking and/ or drug problems. In 1983 they became affiliated with a Christian organization called “Deliverance Ministries” and they worked with this ministry until 1985. At that time, they felt the need to start their own alcohol/drug support group in their church, hence  H.A.D. Ministries was started and is still going strong.
         This group has thrived for the past 30 years and continues today under the direction of Heather Garner. Carrie Ahrendt passed away in 2014 and Bernie went home to be with Jesus in 1994. While we miss Bernie and Carrie, we will "carrie on" with mission of introducing people to Jesus and helping them live a clean and sober lifestyle.
         H.A.D. Ministries is a support group, not only for alcoholics, drug addicts and those with other life controlling addictions, but we also minister to family and friends of those who struggle with addictions. Even if the one who is addicted is no longer with us, those affected friends and family are welcome to join us.
         H.A.D. Ministries also conducts a church service each Sunday  morning at a local inpatient recovery center. Many precious souls are touched for eternity as they attend. Each year approximately 350+ individuals pray and ask the Lord into their lives.
         God is in the recovery business and H.A.D. Ministries is His  hand extended in our community to those addicted and/or affected by this  bondage. This ministry is for those who have come to the end of themselves and want God’s help and direction in beginning again ... saved and committed to the Lord and His church ... and clean from all addictions.